Vacation Rental Home Ownership

Enjoy the benefits of owning your luxury vacation property without all of the hassle.

Real Estate

Real Estate Services From L2BNB

With our talent for transforming rental properties into vacation destinations, we know what it takes to put together a home that could catch anyone’s eye. Our real estate services are unique, because we use our travel industry knowledge to help keep tenants happy in their long-term leases and to convince potential home buyers that they could get used to living in a home like yours.

Looking for a luxury home?

We have several options for each buyer! Options include multi-year leases with fixed rental income, payment for all maintenance and operating costs, L2BNB management support, access to L2BNB vacation homes and more.

Looking to sell your home?

We help homeowners generate revenue while they sell their home. Each home is furnished with top-of-the-line decor and then showcased to L2BNB guests who get a firsthand experience with a short stay in your home.

Looking for a property manager?

We have expert property management teams who specialize in caring for luxury homes. Our management teams handle everything from marketing, booking guests, housekeeping, billing, maintenance, and are available 24/7.

Get a Return on Your Investment With L2BNB Real Estate Services

If you have a vacation home or extra property that could be earning you extra income as a vacation rental property, one that needs property maintenance, or a home that you’re ready to sell altogether, then you should consider the unique and upscale real estate services of L2BNB. Contact us when you’re ready for a return on your investment!