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After his experience in various vacation rentals around the country, L2BNB co-founder and CEO Kristopher Lopez realized that there had to be a better way to easily get customers into vacation homes and private rentals than using an app. As a veteran of seven combat tours and a successful real estate investor, the lack of standards across the platforms he was using just wasn’t good enough for Lopez and he knew there was something he could do about it.

So, rather than continuing to use the same app and being unsatisfied with his rental accommodations, Lopez decided to start a company that had standards across the board and options for any family looking to have one of their best and most relaxing vacations in a luxury vacation rental.

From Humble Beginnings To Luxury Rentals

Lopez’s passion for travel and providing luxurious getaways comes from his upbringing, as he understands that many people can only take one or two vacations a year, he wanted to help make sure that hard-working families and individuals got the most out of their vacation home.

Lopez was raised in Canada Verde, a poverty-stricken area of Texas. He saw his family struggle and at the age of 14, he moved to San Antonio to live with his aunt and receive a better education. However, Lopez didn’t make it to graduation. Instead, he took the road less traveled and one he thought likely to improve his future faster, Lopez earned his G.E.D. and then enlisted in the Army in April 2001. During his time in the army, Lopez earned several medals, including the Bronze Star. He would go on to become an officer in the Army and earn his bachelor’s and graduate’s degrees from the University of Oklahoma and Penn State University respectively.

The Travel Bug

As he traveled the world through the army and other opportunities, Lopez realized that he loved exploring new cultures and the unique experiences they offer. The new experiences, food, music, and subtle cultural differences fascinated Lopez. As he began to develop his idea for L2BNB, Lopez reflected on some of the great cultural experiences that his own state has to offer. The blend of cultures, the abundance of entertainment, and the long, storied history of cities like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, make them just as much a cultural destination as any.

With the vision of vacation rentals that provided for almost every possible need, Lopez decided to go all in to start L2BNB. After investing his hard-earned money in long term rentals throughout his military career, Lopez decided to make the shift to short-term, luxury rental properties.

In doing this, Lopez began the process towards creating his vision and providing a different, and complete luxury rental service, one where all luxury amenities are included so renters can enjoy all the bells and whistles on their vacation without shelling out to multiple service companies. The result was the L2BNB experience, one that provides the luxuries and services of a five-star hotel, while giving you the comfort of a home. While currently only operating out of Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Miami, Lopez and L2BNB hope to be operating in every major U.S. city in just the next few years.

The L2BNB Difference


With a passion for luxury travel, a commitment to fine hospitality, and entertaining, our guest care team serves as the foundation of L2BNB. From the booking process to the white-glove attention and personal requests, such as personal concierges and shoppers, we’ve created an approach to vacation home rentals that promises to change your view of business travel or family vacations.

We take the guesswork and frustration out of choosing a vacation rental. By booking you into the short-term rental apartments and vacation homes that we maintain and manage, we guarantee an exceptional experience that delivers the tranquility, pampering, and personal enjoyment that your Texas or Miami vacation deserves.


Luxury Within Reach


Whether you choose to stay in Miami, or one of our Texas properties, you can expect an exceptionally designed, furnished, and outfitted vacation home. Each home or apartment was hand-selected for its convenient location and luxury amenities as well as its proximity to area attractions. 

To start your L2BNB experience, contact our guest services team now. Certain homes and apartments book quicker than others, so don’t risk missing out on your choice of dates and accommodations and call now!

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